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This Fish Out of Water

I honestly never thought I would be writing a blog. I also never thought I’d be getting lidocaine shots in my head either. Yet, today, I find my self having done both.

The blog and the lidocaine shots are the culmination of months of Dr visits and medical tests for an issue that still hasn’t been diagnosed. 9am this morning my phone rings and its my neurologists office telling me my Dr is out sick would I like to see the APRN? No, not really … But I don’t want to wait another two weeks to see the Dr either. I went to the appointment not expecting anything more than the usual ” lets run some blood tests and see you back in two weeks”. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Im not technology minded and definitely not tech savvy so doing a virtual check in for an in person appointment was quite comical. I talk my way through things, like talk talk myself through them. I probably look crazy to most people around me, well if I don’t sound crazy to them first. I can only imagine how I looked sitting in the car talking to myself in the third person as I navigated my way through it.

Walking in to this appointment 99% of me wanted to run and play ostrich. Just stick my head in the sand and claim ignorance of my symptoms. Thankfully that 1% of me that has matured during this pandemic took charge and made me face this head on.

The whole thing lasted about an hour and I really do feel like I made progress today. No one wants to be sitting in their 5th Drs, 4th specialists , office in the past 6 months. I’ve seen my primary care, my old neurologist (Mr take sumatriptan), the hematologist (bone marrow biopsies are a bitch), the opthamologist (I swear I’m still seeing spots from that exam and its been a month) and finally the new neurologist (my obi wan Kenobi because he is truly my final hope).

No one wants to live with a laundry list of my symptoms either. I sure the heck don’t and its been years I’ve been struggling with them. Migraines, foot cramps, hands that resemble claws, eye pain, blurry vision, loss of vision, my short term memory is shot, I don’t feel my hands and feet, sometimes I trip over my own feet or stumble over my words, I literally bite my tongue and can get lost in the middle of the conversation (I end up looking at you like a deer caught in headlights), and I’ve completely forgotten how a good night sleep feels.

That’s how I ended up getting the lidocaine shots in my head today…I’ve had this damn migraine since April 2019…you get to a point where you will do anything to make the pain stop and feel “normal” again.

*~if you can’t find the ๐ŸŒž be the ๐ŸŒž ~*

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